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    Toggling between emulator and not-emulator mode


      I'd like to build a responsive site with CQ5, rather than site that has a separate mobile and a desktop version. I would like authors to be able to use the mobile emulators to see what their pages will look like on a mobile device, and also to be able to turn the emulators off, so they can see what the site will look like on a normal desktop browser.


      As far as I can see, you can either have a desktop site, and not be able to use the mobile emulators; or you can have a mobile site, at which point you can't not have the mobile emulators. Is there any way to simply switch between emulator and non-emulator mode? I want this to be a single site; I don't want to create a desktop site, and then use a livecopy to create a mobile clone of it.