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    Problem with Webcam Publisher Freezing

    javram Level 1

      Occasionally, we are running into an issue with the webcam video freezing.  We are using the stock webcam publisher component, and the behavior is not predictable, and therefore has been impossible to track down. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?  Any reccomendations about how we could automatically detect this behavior?  Interestingly enough, the video does not freeze on the broadcaster's screen, so only the other parties notice that the video is frozen. If the broadcaster stops and restarts their webcam, the video functions again as normal.

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          Yup been seeing the same behavior for about 2 years now. Haven't looked into automating a solution, but it'd involve something like take a screenshot, compare pixels for the webcam, if they haven't changed in more than 10 seconds, do a stop/start. That's the best idea I've had so far, haven't actually tried it yet I'm wondering if there's something in the stream we can detect like bytes received = 0 and based the retry on that.

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            javram Level 1

            ok, its good to know that it is not simply something that we are doing on our end that is causing the issue.  Although I am confident that your suggestion would work,  it seems like a huge amount of effort to go through to address the issue.