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    Slideshow, how to make clip the same length as audio file?




      I've got several PowerPoint presentations and need to make an MP4 video file for each of them. I know how to export the slides as still images, and I also have the audio files broken up into individual mp3 files that match each slide.


      I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way of getting the slides and audio files synced in Premiere Elements.


      Yesterday I imported all of the png images and mp3 audio files into my project. But I had to individually add each image, followed by the mp3, and then in the timeline manually stretch the image to make it last the same length of time as the audio file. It was rather tedious and I have a lot of presentations with many slides to work with. I'm sure there must be some better way to make all of this happen, right?


      Can anyone help me out here?


      1. Is there a way to make the image clip match the time of the audio clip?

      2. Is there a way to import all of the audio and image files at once (given they have the same names) and have PE automatically associate the image clip with the audio file?



      Thanks, Derek

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Are the MP3's all of the same Duration?


          If so, then you can go to Edit>Preferences and adjust the Still Duration to match that Duration, before you Import the PNG's.


          If they are different Durations, the best that you can do is take an average of their Durations, set that in Edit>Preferences and adjust the Still Duration to it. That will get you close, so not so much dragging the Head, or Tail of the Still Image on the Timeline.


          Otherwise, your method is the only one - manually adjusting each Still Image to match.


          Good luck,



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            VDOSurfer Level 3

            1. You can place the audio file in the Audio 1 track of the timeline first (Timeline, not sceneline)

            2. Next drop the image to where the audio file starts. Now press "\" key

            3. Drag the end of the clip to exactly where the audio ends. Whe you are near the end of the audio with the drag it should simply stick to it.

            4. Group the audio and image file together (Right click and select group after selecting both these together)

            5. Select the clip and do a right click and use the Fade-In and out option. You can fade in the video and let the audio simply continue. This makes it look and sound good.

            6. Place the next audio file and go on doing the same till all of them are done. The grouping step is not needed but when you keep working with PRE, you might just thank me for it!


            I tried all these steps just as I was typing this post, so I can tell you for sure that PrE10 works as if it is designed JUST for this use case. So hoping you get to complete the project on time and with good quality!