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    Setting Magnification

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      Hi, I am wondering if there is any way to set the magnification in Adobe LiveCycle Designer?  It can be set in Adobe Acrobat if the form was not design in Adobe LiveCycle.  We have a practice here to set all magnification to 90% but I've been unable to do that with forms created in Adobe LiveCycle. 



      Connie Bretes

      Adobe Acrobat X Pro

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          kjaeggin Level 2

          You could try setting the zoom level as follows:



          form1::docReady - (JavaScript, client)


          var myDoc = event.target; // doc obj instance



          myDoc.zoom = 90; // Sets this zoom level to 90%.



          This works in StanadAlone, but I could not get it to work in designer preview. So, save the PDF and open it in Acrobat or Reader to see it function.



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