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    Help: flash CS5 crashing and corrupted .fla's


      I'm having one hell of a problem and could really use anyone's help who has a good idea.

      I am working in flash CS5 on windows 7 64.

      I am currently also running into the crash at save problem.  The most recent version of my .fla corrupted about four days ago, which is something I've grown accustomed to (got the wonderful 'unexpected file format' error).  So I went to my backup file- same issue.  I had to go back 12 backup versions to find one that would work (even my backups on external drives when copied back over to the local drive or opened from the external would give this error.  They did NOT give this error a week ago).  But this backup version now crashes on Save, Save As, or if I try to create a new .fla while the backup .fla is open, it crashes.  If I try to open any other .fla while the backup .fla is open, flash crashes.  Sometimes is gets non responsive and needs to close; sometimes it simply sits there, does nothing, SAYS it's running, but will not respond to clicks, minimizing the window, or anything at all and I will have to force quit out.  Sometimes it will crash when simply clicking a library item. 


      I have tried the following recommended fixes:

      save the file to a new directory- on the rare chance that flash doesn't crash on save (about 1 in 10), and doesn't corrupt and make a new .fla that's 2k in size (about 1 in 4), the new .fla has all the same problems of the original.

      change the JAVA environment variable- no help

      increase the jvm.ini xmx value - tried 124. 256, 512, no help

      open the file using zip and access the xml library assets directly, deleting them until you find a corrupt file- done it.  three times.  to three different versions of the .fla from the backup files.  Flash still crashes.

      save out as .xfl - on the rare chance that flash doesn't crash on save, the .xfl is corrupted (2k file size, no library, and for some reason a black square for an icon) about 3 out of 4 times.  The 4th time, the file works no better than any other .fla

      update flash player - no help.

      update plugins for all browsers and debug versions - no help

      update flash CS5 to the most recent version - no help

      download and install all windows updates - no help

      delete preferences and config folders - no help


      The ONLY way I can avoid flash crashing is to go back to a backup version from more than two months ago.  This version will open, save properly, and debug properly without error.


      I have attempted and failed at every suggested fix I have found online or on these forums for this cluster of problems I'm currently having.  I have three weeks to the project deadline, and there is no way I can go back two months in the production timeline.


      obviously I cannot afford to lose two months of work.  If anyone has any idea what could be happening, I would be exstatic- I'm really at the end of my rope here.  After four days of looking for help and fixes online and on these forums and talking to adobe support on the phone ('we do not handle coding issues' is the only response I get.  gee, thanks for the help), none of the fixes that have been recommended to me have worked.

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          *Q Level 3


          Can you please zip up your the fla that you're crashing on save, change .zip to .zzz and email it to me at FlashAuthBetaBugs@adobe.com? I'll take a look.




          Flash Pro, QE

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            AMLlys002 Level 1

            I would love to, but the .fla is over 120megs and as such I don't think it will be possible to email it to you.  Is there some other way I could get you the fla?

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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              Sorry to hear you're having this issue but having used every single version of flash since well before it supported scripting I can't say I've ever seen this issue happen a single time.


              Your computer specs would be useful. As much information as possible. So far, not being *Q (an Adobe Employee?), I'd expect your system is the issue. I keep mine clean as a whistle and in both Windows 98/2K/XP/Vista/7 and Mac OSX I've never seen this kind of issue in any version (and I own several copies of all of them).


              BELIEVE ME, using AS2 is an exercise in patience. I've seen AS2 arrest me more times than Gary Busey with just outright blatent bugginess. But SAVE file corruption? Never. So I wonder 3 things. What anti-virus/malware/spyware apps you run if you're infected, if your hard drive is just outright corrupting things (driver or hardware failure related) and if you're trying to save files over a network (especially to a different OS). I've purchased about 750 hard drives in my life and I've seen 250 of them ride the failboat. I've also seen corrupted files when saving over networks (which Adobe clearly states is not supported, regardless that it works and I do it anyhow).

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                Wow, your file is really big. You should try optimizing it or splitting it into multiple flas. I believe you are probably hitting the memory limit which causes the crash and/or performance issues.

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                  System specs will help determine if that's outside the memory limit. For instance you'd literally need to be at 1GB memory with no pagefile to fail to export that file which is highly unlikely, but impossible to know until you tell us your computers specs.


                  I've exported 700MB FLAs without any issue at all on 4GB ram. It's not a good idea to inflate your FLA like that but there's no problem with exporting any size FLA with reasonable computer specs.


                  You can trim a lot of that space by loading your videos/images/audio externally rather than importing it all to the library. I certainly presume a 120MB FLA is meant for desktop/kiosk/etc playback rather than web. Almost nobody that isn't sporting a 20mbit line would wait around for 120mb to preload.

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                    AMLlys002 Level 1


                    Thanks for replying,

                    I'm using ad-aware and avg for virus scanning, but it's possible I need to upgrade to something more robust.  I've run several checks over the last few days on the whole system, and nothing pops up.

                    I'm saving to the local drive, not over a network, so that's a non-issue.

                    I'll run a full system analysis to check the hard drive for errors and double check my drivers, but I usually run those checks about once every two weeks so as far as I know everything is currently in good shape.

                    I'm not upset that the file corrupted, this is something I've become used to working with flash and why I backup at least once a day and to both local and external drives.  The fact that my BACKUPS are corrupted is what's got me confuddled.  But I'll double check your suggestions and get back to you.



                    I'll try to split it up, but considering I can't save, save as, or even interact with the library, I'm not sure quite how to go about it.  Are you suggesting I zip the fla, go into the library xml asset list and see if I can break it apart from there?

                    Is there another way to do it?  Also if it's a performance and memory limit issue, why is this only happening now and not on previous versions of the fla that were working normally?  Up until four days ago besides the occasional 'cannot debug does not contain actionscript' error, I managed to export and debug these same fla's that are now crashing the program without any problems.  In fact flash has become less stable for me since I updated the software- was the memory limit somehow changed in the update?  That's the big question I have: Why does an fla that opened, saved, and exported perfectly fine a week ago now crash flash when I have made zero changes to it?

                    I'll try to break the fla apart into smaller more bite-sized pieces and see if that resolves any of the problems in the meantime.  I assume there is no way besides email to send you my file?

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                      sinious Most Valuable Participant

                      Disable all your mal/spyware apps and disable AVG temporarily while you save or open and see if it helps. Those programs job is to intercept every file access and check it which can certainly corrupt something if done poorly. As good as AVG is, you get what you pay for, and it's free.


                      No version has this 'corruption' issue. Not in the last decade. I've used Flash 2 until CS5.5 extensively and never saw this issue.


                      How much RAM do you have? Also are you saving to a SSD or perhaps a RAID? If not a SSD or RAID you've an overachiever in checking your drivers as they typically never change and/or are Microsoft to begin with so I doubt that's the issue. Although if you've installed the wrong drivers for your motherboard chipset that'll definitely ruin your day but the problem would definitely exist outside flash (like your whole OS).

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                        AMLlys002 Level 1


                        sorry I just saw your earlier post, and I was leaning towards a memory limit issue but your input makes me think that's not the case.

                        My crash issue has become less frequent since playing around with salvaging my asset files today, but it's still freezing and crashing out on me at least once every 15 minutes.


                        Sorry for not mentioning my specs:

                        I'm currently working on a Toshiba Qosmio X505 Windows 7 64bit SP1, i5 M450@2.4GHz, 4gigs ram.


                        I tried your suggestion of disabling my malware/spyware and avg but it hasn't made a difference.  I also ran a complete system check, checking for errors, defrag, two more virus checks with everything updated and nothing.

                        I went ahead and managed to pull out my assets in smaller chunks and resave them to new fla's in different directories simply for the sake of not losing them (if flash is constantly crashing, i'm worried about losing my files to corruption or whatever it is that's killing my files off).


                        I have managed to get a backup fla from about twelve days ago to open and not crash when editing it  but now I can't export an swf, test, or debug.  export and test give me, well, nothing (except for a completely blank report file), and debug gives me the always delightful "does not contain actionscript" issue (as well as freezing and crashing flash if I try to do anything after getting the 'does not contain actionscript' window).  I guess this is an improvement?  This exact file was exporting fine two weeks ago and I have not touched the file since then but now it simply does not export.  I have no idea what's going on.

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                          update on the issue-


                          after playing around I've discovered that, as long as I don't open a file larger than about 50 megs, I can avoid all of flash's recent crashing (which confuses me, since last week I could open 200megs worth of files without any issue).

                          If I open an .fla at 52megs, than try to open another as small as 2 megs, i get the error 'flash cannot open c:/.....file.fla'.  Only by closing the 52meg fla can I then open the 2meg fla. 


                          I went through and gutted my large fla into small pieces, none larger than 15megs (relatively small).  Then, when attempting to reconstruct a new master fla by copy and pasting the files from the smaller piece flas, after I hit about 60 meg file size in the new fresh master (in a new location, new structure etc.), I attempted to copy and paste another cluster of approx. 15 symbols, and received an error saying there was not enough memory to perform the action.


                          So! It would seem, for some reason, flash has become a lot dumber since last week.  Is there any way that updating the flash player/flash CS5 could lead to this behavior?  Is there any way that a recent windows update could somehow have created this behavior?  I know these are big 'ifs', I'm just curious why flash CS5 seems unable to perform the tasks that it was performing last week. 


                          (i'm not a super computer saavy user, but for what its worth my current settings are as follows regarding memory usage)

                          system runs 4gigs of RAM

                          my fml.ini is set to xmx512

                          environment variable for JAVA is at 1024 (although both 1024 and 512 produce the exact same reaction when running flash)

                          paging initial is 6030;

                          paging max is 12000;

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                            another update-


                            I've managed to reconstruct a file from my original corrupted file that will open and is editable (as long as i don't click through the library items too fast- that will freeze and crash flash).  This file is less than 50 megs.

                            When attempting to publish, export, or test in conjunction with the document .as associated with the file however I end up with either A: no swf produced and an empty report, or B: a 2k swf with a black square for an icon.

                            debug produces the 'does not contain actionscript' error.


                            upon failing to publish, export, test, or debug, flash will then either A: freeze B:freeze, then crash, or (my personal favorite) C: continue to function so long as I don't click on any library items, try to open a new file, try to open an old file, try to save, try to save as, try to exit the program, or try to close a file from the window (all of these result in freezing, crashing, or freezing and then crashing.  There is no apparent pattern to what happens).  Also, clicking back and forth between the properties and library panels in the fla file or the as file will, well, sort of overlay the two panels halfway on top of each other and sort of 'ghost' parts of one onto the other.  What I mean is, if the library panel is open and I click over to the properties panel (both are tabs in the same window of the workspace), the properties panel will be completely gray without any of it's usual boxes or text or button, and instead will have the names of some of the previous library items, greyed out, floating in random places that don't directly relate to where they were before.  Basically, it's all messed up.  And at this point the program will either freeze, crash, freeze and crash, or become completely unresponsive and require a force quit (surprise!).


                            If I gut the fla down to an even smaller size of about 10-20megs, I can avoid most of these problems, although flash is still very slow to open files (20meg file takes a good 90-120 seconds to open), save files (at least 30 seconds to save a 20meg), and generally clicking around and going about my business of editing symbols or typing script is laggy and slow.  This of course doesn't really do me much good, since it requires me to gut 80% of my projects assets.


                            I can't tell if i'm getting closer or further away from a solution.......

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                              sinious Most Valuable Participant

                              I think the amount of time you've already invested in this warrants a complete reinstall of flash itself. If no other application (say photoshop, etc) has any issues with opening large files (if you don't have one, make one) then something got corrupted in Flash.


                              Are you working from a Creative Suite or do you just have Flash as a separate product? Either way I honestly would get rid of that copy of Flash (uninstall) and reinstall it. Clearly something is very corrupt in it. Flash CS5 would never behave like this and you have PLENTY sufficient RAM. You do not at all need to adjust any variables in java or any ini files at all.


                              Consider reinstalling Flash and see if the problems just go away. I can tell you the people in your boat are very few.

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                                AMLlys002 Level 1

                                thanks for the reply sinious, I was afraid of that.

                                I have the creative suite, but PS is working fine even with huge files.  Unfortunately my cs5 is an upgrade I did a long time ago from an old copy of cs3, so I'm going to have to go find a way to dig up CS5 so I can reinstall it after I remove it.  To my knowledge there's no way to download cs5 from adobe.  I will be royally pissed if i'm forced to buy it again, but i'll take another look, maybe call them, and see what I can do.


                                Thanks again for the help, let me know if anything else comes to you.

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                                  sinious Most Valuable Participant

                                  If you purchased it through the Adobe store they will give you a link to re-download it. Simply contact them and they'll ask you for the relevant information. Be ready with an order date and an order ID and it should be tied to whatever email your Adobe ID was that purchased it and you'll have no problem. I've done that before. If it wasn't so damn big I'd just put CS5 on a server for you but I know the store will help. No you do not need to repurchase it if you can provide them with a valid key.


                                  It's not a big deal to reinstall CS5. For the amount of trouble you're going through would you rather base your workflow around a corrupt installations whimsy needs or just reinstall and have no more issues?

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                                    I called adobe (four times at three different numbers) and they all say that there's no way to download CS5 because they don't offer it for download anymore and I needed to pay for 5.5, even though I have a valid key.

                                    I went ahead and uninstalled, did some heavy housekeeping on my computer (anything I could think of: directory cleanup, defrag, uninstall any non-essential programs, check the drive for errors etc etc), and reinstalled with the trial version of CS5.5 (there's no point to pay for software without knowing first if it will even be usable for me).


                                    So far, 5.5 provides none of the zany crashes that I was getting in my old install of CS5, so that's a start at least.  However now i'm running into a nice new problem when attempting to open my old backup fla:

                                    "XML parsing fatal error: an exception has occurred! Type:Runtime exception Message:The primary document entity could not be opened. Id=C:/users......AppData\Roaming\Adobe\FlashCS5.5\en_us\Configuration\Actionscript3.0\Fle xInfo.xml, line: 0 file: "


                                    The funny thing is, the file actually opens! but flash becomes very jumpy and slow at this point and suffice to say I don't want to push it any further since i'm actually getting SOME functionality I can use out of the program currently (suffice to say I'm gun shy on toying too much with it and getting another possessed version of the software).


                                    Regardless, it would seem my crashing issue has been fixed (despite my all-new issues), so it would seem you were right about the reinstall.  I'm not feeling completely confident the program isn't going to crash on me at any second quite yet, but at least it's running enough for me to poke around in some of my backup files.

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                                      sinious Most Valuable Participant

                                      Send me a private message with your email. I'll provide you with a CS5 trial installer.

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                                        Hi all,

                                        CS5.5 crashed my files much more often than my CS5 install.

                                        aparently CS5 likes to corrupt the DOMdocument inside the .FLA's archive.


                                        even windows will not recognise or extract the corrupt DOMdocument. All other files work fine though. (some users believe it saves an invalid character such as a shift-enter character into the DOMdocument somehow.\)


                                        Rename the .FLA to .zip and try to open the DOMdocument in the root directory. This is the only file that seems to currupt.


                                        I personally believe it happens most when you are saving a file over the network and the connection is interrupted somehow while saving the file.


                                        I am guessing the DOMdocument is updated as it saves each of the other parts of the file.


                                        Here's the really freaky part Adobe, pay attention to this one:

                                        if you make a file, and save it once as MyFile1 (last updated at 2pm)... then copy and paste that file (duplicate it) into a 'backup folder' MyFile1 (last updated 2pm)

                                        then do some updates and save it again... MyFile1 (last updated at 3pm) and duplicate it into the backup folder too.

                                        in between now and 4pm you close Flash and refresh it, re-open your 3pm file. It opens fine and you continue coding...

                                        If at 4pm you save, and the save crashes corrupting the file, both the 3pm backup duplicate and the original file will be corrupted at the same time.

                                        The only file that will work again now is the 2pm backup.


                                        GO FIGURE!


                                        here's some information on how you can go about repairing the file, but you will not get the Timeline (DOMdocument recovered):

                                        http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4453743/flash-cs5-crash-corrupted-files-how-can-i-get-m y-xml-library-assets-back-into-a

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                                          Actionscript corrupted when i publish my flash in swf in adobe flash cs6, kindly help me to find a solution i am new with flash.