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    Another InDesign Word Import Issue


      I've been working with IDCS3 for years and recently upgraded to IDCS5.5 and a bug that I had hoped might be worked out is still around. I've created this video demonstrating it:



      In a nutshell: Arbitrarily through the placed Word document, paragraphs with the N style applied (through Style Mapping) do not get the defined tab stops applied. It's never in the first paragraphs with this style, and typically affects only a portion of the document. I can restore the lost tab stops by reapplying the N style, but hunting down all the misformatted paragraphs is a pain (and kinda defeats the purpose of using styles in the first place).


      I have tried several workarounds, including setting the tab stops the same (every 1p6) for all paragraph styles in ID, which works on some, but not all.


      I had to save Word 2010 documents as 97-2003 .doc format files for the import to work at all in CS3, but saving as .docx and placing in CS5.5 seems to eliminate some paragraphs losing the tabs, but then some paragraphs (of N style and others) lose the Justified alignment and come in as Left Aligned. All the styled paragraphs are Left Aligned in Word: the style mapping applies the ID style which includes the Justified setting. (This is not shown in the video.)


      My point here is that there are bugs when it comes to styles coming in with placed Word documents. Various other posts address similar issues. I'm posting this in hopes that eventually Adobe developers will see it. Or perchance someone knows of some elusive checkbox I'm overlooking that will eliminate the problem.