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    Smart Guides in CS4/CS5

    TommyGun96 Level 1

      I've been using Illustrator since version 8.0 and don't feel comfortable jumping over from version CS3 to CS4 or CS5, mainly because I find that "Smart Guides" (which is an option I relay on most of the time) have became less-Smart than they were in CS3.

      I need total accuracy on may job, but somehow shapes do not snap the same way using smart guides as they did before. Can't tell exactly why this is but its an annoying thing! Don't know the reason why Adobe changed them in the first place they worked fine as they were.

      First experienced this on CS4 and thought that this might be a bug that would be corrected later on but have noticed they the same way on CS5 afterwards.


      Did anyone experience the same issue? Comments? Suggestions?

      Thanks in advance.