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    InCopy CS5.5 update content does not work

    Shop MetalTech

      I am an editor using InCopy for editing my magazine. I only have InCopy. My art director who uses the full InDesign suite, and I work remotely. She sends InCopy files to me via Dropbox. When she makes changes to the files, my content update does not work. It is shaded grey. It worked a couple of times and then stopped. Does my art director need to do something on her end to ensure I can update content in files she sends to me?


      Thanks for any help someone can provide.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Not nearly enough info.




          What do you mean she send InCopy files to you via Dropbox? What version of ID? What version of IC?




          Are you using a remote workflow with packages? Assignments? Opening the InDesign file in InCopy?





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            Shop MetalTech Level 1

            Hi and thanks for the quick reply.


            This is the problem:


            My art director is using Indesign to create Incopy files for me to edit. We

            both are working from remote locations and are using Dropbox (remote server)

            to store our files. We have been having some problems... When my art

            director changes an image I do not see the image change/update on my end.

            How do we solve this problem?


            We are both using the latest version of the software she is using InDesign

            CS5.5 and I'm using InCopy CS5.5.


            Thanks for your help.





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