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    Mini Bridge "Waiting for Bridge" error Macintosh

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      We'd been having this error on a couple of our computers and none of the steps in the KB article http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/error-waiting-for-bridge-cs5.html are working.


      We initally set up one computer to be used as our master image. Once we had things working the way we wanted on this computer we cloned the drive using Carbon Copy Cloner and distributed the master image to 3 other computers for testing. Mini Bridge was working fine on the master image. Once we cloned the master we changed the name of the default user account to our intended user's name following Apple's directions for changing user account names. Mini Bridge did not work on any of the user accounts on the cloned computers even those accounts whose names did not change. I even tried creating a new test account and it still does not work.


      I've been doing some experimenting removing various Adobe related files and then trying to use the Mini Bridge until I figured out what worked. What I found was I could go to Library/Application Support/Adobe, and using Get Info, make the default user the owner of the Adobe folder. (They already had read/write permissions.) After that they are able to use the Mini Bridge. However, none of my other user accounts can work with the Mini Bridge since they are not owners of the Adobe folder. It seems that Mini Bridge is only able to function if the current user is also the owner of the Adobe folder?


      I looked at the permissions on the master for the Adobe folder and it said it was owned by root and belonged to the admin group. On the cloned images it states that it is owned by the default user and belongs to the staff group. I tried using Terminal and changed the owner and group to root and admin as it was on the master, but that didn't make any difference. It will still only work if the default user is actually made the owner of the folder.


      We will be cloning several more computers this way and I'd like to figure out why this is not working and see if there is a way to make it work for all users of the computer. I am sure something is happening with permissions on the Adobe folder when the user account is renamed on the clone, however I also did a group of 4 laptops this same way and those cloned computers all work fine under all user accounts.

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          Omke Oudeman Level 5

          We will be cloning several more computers this way and I'd like to figure out why this is not working and see if there is a way to make it work for all users of the computer.



          This is a hard one for this forum, not many of us have experience with multiple user set up.


          In general, Bridge does not work always that good over a network and a standard CS is limited to 2 computers and only may be used at one at the time


          Also having multiple versions open of PS at the same time is possible but Bridge allows only one version to be opened.


          Having multiple accounts on one computer should be able to work but you can only have one active with Bridge I would think.


          And to my knowledge it is not possible to use a shared library for Bridge but I have no experience with that. MiniBridge will search for the library of each account.


          But as said, no experience with your set up, just trying to throw some ideas in the air

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            Thanks for the suggestions. I finally got it working today.


            We've been using Bridge for quite a while but the Mini Bridge is new to us as we are just now updating to CS5. I did notice a bit of lag time with Mini Bridge and sometimes it didn't want to display the items on networked drives, but if I hit the backward and forward arrows it would work, so maybe just a screen redraw issue or something there, but other than that it seems to be working ok over our network for now.


            Your tip about having only one copy of Bridge open at a time was the key. We have been able to open the same program on multiple user accounts simultaneously before, but I can't say that we have with Bridge. I didn't notice it at first but when you choose Mini Bridge in InDesign it is actually opening the full Bridge in the background though it doesn't open the Bridge window, but looking at my Dock I see where it has been launched. When I would switch to another user account to test the Mini Bridge I wasn't closing out of Bridge in the first account, since I didn't realize it was open, so I'm assuming since it was still open there it could not launch it under the second user. Once I closed out of Bridge on the first account it worked fine on the second.


            So think we have it resolved now.


            Thanks so much for the tip! This has been driving me crazy for a day and a half. Now I can get on with my other computer set-ups.


            By the way, we are ok on the number of CS copies floating around, we have a volume license. :-)