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    How to replace image that contains image maps?

    Janatwork Level 1

      I'm using RoboHelp HTML 8. Some of my help topics have an image that contains multiple image maps that allow the user to click to see, for example, field or button defintions about objects on that image. In the past, I was able to capture or create a new image file and give it the exact same name as the old image file (for example, ccm_assessment_shg.gif) -- the new one would replace the old one; and when I viewed the image in RoboHelp HTML, the new image would still contain all of the original image's image maps.


      However, now I see an image file (.png) in one of my topics, and I'd like to replace it, but my old "replacing with the same name" process doesn't seem to work any more. What is my problem? How can I do this in RoboHelp 8? Is the problem related to the file should be a gif rather than a png? (I must confess that it's been several monthes since I worked in RoboHelp, so I may have just forgotten something. I can't find instructions about working with SHGs and image maps.)


      Thanks much for any good advice!