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    Edit button on Find and Replace in Files dialog launches Word

    Mike Walsh

      When I do a search on the Find and Replace in Files dialog box, select a file in the list, and click Edit, the file opens in Microsoft Word (which I don't want). I'd like to the file to open in Robohelp in the Design editor. Does anyone know how to set this up? I've messed with the Tools/Options/Associations, but nothing I do makes any difference.


      You know, we purchased Robohelp to edit Robohelp topics. Why would I want to edit Robohelp topics with Word?


      By the way, if I click the help button on the Find and Replace in Files dialog, the Adobe Community page opens. Any idea how to get it to show help for the dialog from which I clicked the help button?


      Thanks in advance,

      Mike W.