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    Mac Lion Topaz Labs Plugin Bundle

    Lundberg02 Level 3

      I installed per the dmg. The Topaz Labs site says the plugins install into the HD/Library/Appplication Support/ Topaz Labs folder. When you look in the PS CS5 Plugins folder the aliases of all the plugins are there and Get Info says they're in the above location .

      I've used them in PS CS5, they work without problems. The installer was supposed to find all Photoshop apps and install into them. It installed in CS2 and PS Elements 4, but not in PS Elements 10. I emailed Topaz support a week ago and have had no response. I decided I'd try just copyng the aliai into PS Elements 10 and see if it worked. Alas, lo,voila, que pasa. There is no Topaz Labs folder in Application Support. There is no Topaz Labs folder in the Adobe folder or its sub folders in Application Support. Has anyone else tried looking for the folder ? Mac Lion 10.7.3 .

      I tried looking in the Library folder of my Users folder as well. No dice.

      I can't understand why the Get Info would say the alias points to Application Support/Topaz Labs when it doesn't exist there, and where the heck is the folder anyway, since the plugins actually work.