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    Two problems with MP3 files for interactive PDFs

    Chris Vogel25

      1. I'm putting in two interview excerpts for an interactive pdf. Last week when I tried to import the first MP3, I got the "cannot place this file. No filter found for requested operation" error message. I don't know anything about sound files, so I just tried To MP3 from the App store, which converted my MP3 file to another MP3 file, I guess. The new file worked fine.


      I got the second file today and had the same problem. I sent the following urls (http://indesignsecrets.com/forum/general-indesign-topics/how-to-place-an-mp3-file-into-ind esign-cs5-which-was-edited-with-audacity-and-converted-with-switch, http://indesignsecrets.com/forum/general-indesign-topics/no-filter-found-for-requested-ope ration-mp3) I found that seem to describe similar problems to our sound guy at work.He tried lowering the bit rate, but it didn't do any good. So when I got home, I tried To MP3, and it solved the problem again.


      Does anybody know why this is happening?




      2. Once I had the first sound file in place, I wanted to replace the small gray box that Acrobat puts in. Bob Levine suggested




      which worked great, but I needed some way to control the audio. I tried a variation of Steven Werner's suggestions in



      It was working fine, when I had just a play and pause button, but when I added a resume, the play button just stopped working. I tried all sorts of variations, getting rid of the double actions in the buttons, starting new files, new buttons, but the play button just didn't work. In my last test, the play button worked, but only after I had pressed resume. So I am completely stumped.



      Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.


      I'm using InDesign 7.0.4, Mac OSX 10.6.8