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    Creating a booklet with multiple pages on 11x17

    mdhoward2k Level 1

      Lets first discuss the finish size and the expectation of my output to help establish my goal. I want a 8.5x11 booklet that is cut and saddle stapled from a 11x17 sheet. Typically I create booklets by using a 8.5x11 spread design. Lets say the booklet is 1 through 8 in pages. I would create the spread (pg.1 and pg.8) - page one - (pg.2 and pg.7) page two, and so on. I would have to print the pages as they are going to be "folded" into each other. Is there an easier way that I can make pages 1 through 8 and I can export the page numbers to align with their specific spread automatically?


      When I have to make a 48 page spread booklet I have to start with page 48 and page 1 (because those are the cover and back page) then 2 and 47 (on a spread) - Is there an easier method?