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    Storage Backup Advice

    alexdejesus Level 1

      Just curious to know what are the better 3rd party backup programs available. I need to figure out a good, easy-to-use backup scheme for my footage, projects, etc. For some reason, Windows 7 backup is confusing to me.  I have several external drives, mostly eSATA and USB. I have tried online backups, but way too slow for large files.


      I work with HDV and tapes for the most part for now.



      120 GB SSD Syteme drive Wildfire

      4 TB RAID 0 (2-disk)  - Capture footage and PPr and AE projects

      2 TB RAID 0 (2-disk)  - Previews and pagefile



      1 TB Buffalo drive eSATA - Stock footage, DVD exports, misc

      2 TB GRAID eSATA - Old/Completed projects



      2 TB NAS iOmega StorCenter ix2 - Web video storage, backups

           with 1TB USB3 Drive attached additioanl storage