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    Dynamically creating properties for Objects

      I want an Array with data, to act as dataprovider for my chart. If I make this in mxml, I make an Array of objects. The objects will have the form of


      <mx:Object id="serie1_point1" serie1X="{value1}" serie1Y="{value2}"/>

      Now I want to dynamically create an Array in AS3 with this kind of objects (because otherwise the chart component doesn't get the data). So imagine I have var name:String = "serie2X", how can I make this string an property of a new object?

      I've tried the following:


      var property1:String = "serie3X";
      var result:Object = new Object();
      result.property1 = *a certain value*

      This didn't work. What I wanted was that when I ask the value:


      I get the *a certain value*

      Is this possible?