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    Problem w the video quality


      first of all let me preface that i'm not a professional so i'll try to explain as best as i can.. im having a problem with the video quality when i export videos from adobe premiere pro 5. it seems no matter what settings i use, and i've tried them all, it shrinks the size and severely downgrades the quality. i'm not working on any special computer, just a laptop w/ windows 7. but honestly i dont think the problem is anything to do with my computer because if i were to edit/export the same video using windows movie maker and save it as an HD file the quality is superb. The reason why i dont always want to use windows movie maker is because depending on the type of video, it can be very difficult to edit using that program. i'm stuck on figuring out what i'm doing wrong with the settings on the project & exporting. as an example, if the project settings are 1280x1440, when i export it the final display quality is only 720p. also to get the videos i imported (mostly from an iphone) to be properly proportioned to the screen as far as size & aspect ratio i have to expand them to 200%. When i use a different project setting (1280x720) the videos i import no longer need to be enlarged to fit but the export quality then becomes 480p...
      PLEASE HELP!!!

      i dont want to have to resort to using windows movie maker for all my videos because i hate it!