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    Online Food Ordering  (Printing Automatically)


      Everyone I am designing a project for online food ordering and have developed a prototype in CFMX but I am trying to get my head around this one part which is the clients want when a new order comes in it automatically print to a designated printer. I can't really see how to do this other than installing some kind of client App on the computer that while host this printer and have it print somehow. I am looking for suggestions on what who you do or what do you know actually works for places that offer this service.

      My ideas were to

      Have a screen display the new order on a monitor but have the order displayed by using a webpage that refreshes every say 15 seconds and will pop the new order up on the screen and have them print it manually. This is all cool but they want it to be printed automatically

      Have a designated e-mail account setup and when a new order comes in the web app will send the order to this e-mail address but then I got stuck on how to get it to print automatically.

      Any Ideas,

      Thanks in advance