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    Exporting Booklet For Print


      Okay, so here is my situation.  I have created a book file in InDesign with several files that add up to a total book length of about 350 pages front and back.  When i created the book I made each page 8.5x5.5, or exactly half of an 8.5x11.


      What I am curious about is if there is a way to:


      1.  Print the entire book on 8.5x11 in one fell swoop in such a way that cutting it in half is not a pain and doesn't screw up the page numbering?  I would love to print it as a booklet for binding in a 2-up perfect bind, but don't really want to go through the trouble of having to print each file separately....(I can't find print booklet in the "book" options)


      2.  Is there a way to export the entire book as a pdf as if it were printed on an 8.5x11, that is set up so that Kinkos could easily print and bind it using a spiral binding.  This would be the easiest method.  I would really prefer to have a professional do it, but the way I have it set up in InDesign makes it incredibly complicated for anyone to print, cut, and bind, without there being an extremely lengthy sorting process during one of the steps.


      Does this make any sense at all?


      Thanks so much,