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    Pointer problem in Photoshop Elements 9


      When in Photoshop elements 9 (under Windows 7 Home Premium), I try to modify a jpg picture by "distorting" it, the pointer changes to something that looks like three very small hands, with a finger pointing up, instead of becoming a small arrowpoint, as I could see at a friends installation. This triple hand makes the tool almost unusable, because you cannot "grab" e.g. one of the corner squares to distort the picture. Also in other tools the pointer, when travelling in the image area, the pointer, which is normal outside the image, becomes a very small "something" in triple. Can someone tell me where I went wrong in one or other of the settings.  By the way as I am using the "Dutch" version please explain step by step what to do because the translation of the technical terms from English to Dutch is not always obvious ... . Thanks in advance.

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          Banish Sharma



          Try changing the Windows Text Size (this is one problem that occurs only while running PSE in Windows 7 or Windows Vista). To change the text size:


          1. Choose Start > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display.
          2. Choose Set custom text size (DPI) in the menu on the left panel.
          3. Type in 149 or 151 into the Scale to this percentage of normal size field.
          4. Press enter and click OK.
          5. Choose to shut down and then restart your computer to make the change.


          This should work. If this doesn't work, delete the PSE preferences file:

          1. First of all, close all running windows of photoshop elements.
          2. Click Start>>Search. Type "%appdata%".
          3. Here. open the folder named 'Adobe', and then Photoshop Elements>>9.0>>Editor
          4. Here, delete the "Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Prefs.psp" file.
          5. Now launch PSE and see how that works for you.