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    about thumbnails




      Is it possible to register a thumbnail to an asset when we load it for the first time in the GetChildrenHandler class instead of GetAssetsHandler (as mentioned in the SDK documentation)?


      I tryed to do it with those methods :


      UpdateRecipe.getIdentificationData().getEtags().put(DataType.ICON, new ETAG(aTimeStamp));



      But it doesn't display any thumbnail (in windows explorer or bridge).  (And in my case, It's kind of complicated to use those methods in GetAssetsHandler, because I receive all the thumbnail informations in one shot from my specifical DAM server when I receive all the children of a folder in GetChildrenHandler).


      Thank you for your help.

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          Ok, I think it is a special case for your DAM server, for performance consideration and Bridge extension requirement, Drive just wants to get the basic information in the GetChildrenHandle call.  you have to workaround this issue by using cache or some other similar ways

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            GuillaumeK Level 1

            Thank you for answering.


            I though about using a cache in last resort.  I was firstly wondering if I could use the method UpdateRecipe.createPropertyData(Map<String,Object> myProperties) in witch I could pass the reference of my thumbnail file that I receive in GetChildrenHandler.  After this, I would recuperate this information in the GetAssetHandler class using Item.getCustomParameters().get("thumbnailReference").  But I saw in the documentation that those custom parameters where used to be displayed in some dialog box in Bridge, so maybe it's not the good solution.


            Is it then possible to add some additionnal informations about an asset in GetChildrenHandler (like my thumbnail reference) so it can be used later? Or do I obligatedly have to create a personal cache system in my plug-in?


            (And just to be sure : it is then "only" in GetAssetsHandler that I can give the thumbnail datas to Drive?)

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              GuillaumeK Level 1

              Something that could maybe reply to my question :


              In the API, the method GetAssetsRequest.Item.getCustomParameters(), it says :

                CustomParameters getCustomParameters() 

                         Retrieves the developer-defined parameters, if any.


              Someone knows where to fill-in those customParameters? (Particulary if it is possible to fill it in an UpdateRecipe in GetChildrenHandler).


              Thanks in advance.

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                GangZheng Level 1

                One mistake in my previous answer, Please ignore it.


                To enable thumbnails display in Br, first, you should set Capabiltiy.READ_XMP_META_DATA in you connector, then, you can provide thumbnail in GetChildrentHandler or in GetAssetsHandler, or other handlers, however during GetChildrenHandler call, Adobe Drive Core only requests basic data


                hope it helps





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                  GuillaumeK Level 1

                  Thanks to reply to my initial question.


                  But your first message was also relevant : it's true that It'd be heavy to load all the thumbnails in GetChildrenHandler. GetAssetsHandler will load the previews one by one as we need to load it.


                  I am then trying to save the thumbnail reference that I receive in GetChildrenHanlder into the asset recipe.  Then I would like to retrieve this information (thumbnail reference) in the items of GetAssetsHandler passing by Item.getCustomParameters(), and to try to avoid to deal with the creation of a new cache that could make things just heavier.


                  Am I on the right path, or will I be forced to make an internal cache to pass this asset information from GetChildrenHandler to GetAssetsHandler?