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    Mac Users have loading issues with my site

    Joe Wood Level 1

      I use CS3 and not Dreamweaver.


      I just recently had a Mac user complain to me that my website wasn't working for him http://woodsshop.com/index.htm


      I'm wondering if the fact I edit my site using CS3 might be his problem?, but that's a wild guess on my part.


      he said

      " when I enter your web site...under "creative builders"  when I click on "kits", "plans" "japanese" "about us" or "contact us"  my computer freezes...in other words, it just see there, waiting for the site to come up and it never does.  No drop down windows or anything, its just that your site does not move from one area to the next smoothly.  Now this is on my 6 month new apple computer....and as I said, everwhere else I go, no problems....."



      I contacted my Host, they recommended he clear his cache, didn't help him.


      So I went and posted a question on the Mac Safari forum, asking if other Mac users were having issues, some of them are, some not, but enough are, and that has me concerned, how many others can't even access my site?


      Here's that discussion



      One person there gave me this link about Safari loading issues http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3408


      I went and looked at my AW Stats and Mac users are just a small part (less then 1/4) of my traffic it looks like.




      So I'm Hoping someone here has some insight :-)