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    Is it possible to dynamically create a user variable at runtime from within a Widget?


      I'm trying to develop a custom Interactive Widget. This widget will allow the user to take multiple attempts, and needs to store information about previously completed attempts so they can (hopefully) see their improvements over time.

      I'm trying to figure out the best way to store the data about the previously completed attempts across multiple sessions in a LMS. It seems that the data stored in user variables is automatically stored/restored in suspend_data, which would be perfect. The issue is that I can't find a way to dynamically create a new user variable from within a Widget. It looks like I can only access user variables that the author has explicitly defined in the Captivate interface. I'd rather not have to force the author to define an empty User Variable that they'll never knowingly use, just to give the Widget a bucket to store its data.

      Does anyone have any ideas for what might be the best way to accomplish this? I'd like to stick to standard, "approved" APIs as much as possible, but I'd be willing to bend some rules if necessary.