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    Export Mobile App to Air Exe/Dmg

    K2xL.com Level 1

      I have an application for mobile devices that I want to export as an exe or dmg.


      I found online to use ADT. Problem is is that I get errors (different ones depending on if air SDK i use)


      If i use air 3.0:


      AIR file at [app path]/app.air could not be converted.

      The error was ""



      If I use air 3.1 or air 3.2 sdk


      SDK is missing file [my path to air]\lib\nai\bin\naip.exe




      I'm running

      java -jar [path to air]\lib\adt.jar" -package -target native app.dmg app.air


      I've also tried

      java -jar [path to air]\lib\adt.jar" -package -target native app.exe app.air



      Any ideas? Apparently there is an integrated Flash Builder 4.6 tool, but for some reason the option under export release doesn't exist for mobile projects - strange...