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    No export type


      In the export tab of my Adobe After Effects CS4 i only have SWF,XFL,PRPROJ and Adobe Clip Notes.I'm running on a Windows 7 32 bit version.What should I do because I want to export it into a video file.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What should I do because I want to export it into a video file.


          In order of priority?


          1. Read this.
          2. Read the help.
          3. Read the help once more.
          4. Consult the powers of the mighty Internet to find some tutorials on basics.



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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            To expand on Mylenium's advice, add your comp to the AE Render Queue, and tweak the Render Settings & Output Module to create the kind of file in the media container & codec you need.


            Did that sound like Jibberish?


            There's a good reason:  After Effects is not the kind of application you use for a couple of tricks and expect things to turn out right the first time.  It takes a good knowledge of the AE basics to make it do what you want.


            So how do you get the basics? Mylenium thoughtfully posted a link to them.