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    The document could not be printed with Acrobat Pro 9.5.1

    info@corpernot.nl Level 1

      All at once the Adobe Acrobat Pro version 9.5.1 gives the error 'The document could not be printed', 'there were no pages select to print'.

      I have no idea what the problem is, all printing from other applications is fine, without any problem. A pdf in an email can be printed from my iPhone, but not from the PC (win 7 Ultimate SP1, 64 bit).

      All pdf's have this problem, no matter if they stem from a download or made with Word or InDesign.


      I de-installed and installed Acrobat Pro, no result. I also de-installed and installed the whole CS4 bundle, no result.

      I also re-installed the printer, no luck.


      I visited a lot of fora without succes. Is there someone that can help me with this?