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    Is there any way to put in an Estimated Sign?

    Sean2638 Level 1

      I am currently making product boxes and everything has worked great, but I have fallen into a hard spot.


      By the amounts in the boxes, there needs to be an Estimated Sign, or the "e", and I looked around, found an image of one and tried using that, but when I received the proofs today, the "e" looks terrible next to the sizes. Is there any font that has one? I read that a font I downloaded has it, but I can't find it. The font is MARVOSYM.TTF.


      I also read a code that you can use, but I don't understand how to use it because everytime I try I get this ╘. U + 212E    How is that supposed to be typed in?


      I don't understand how I look at boxes in the store and the "e" is fine.


      Any tips?