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    Add Instance and Hidden Fields

    NikDK Level 1

      I have a secion in my form where you can add multiple subforms by clicking a button. i also have a field on the subform form that only appears when one of 4 radio buttons is checked. if the radio button is checked then the user adds multiple subforms by clicking the button, the hidden fields appear as they are suppose to. If the user then changes their selection and chooses another radio button, the fields become hidden on the first subform, but not on the rest of the subforms, like it should.


      Also, if the user chooses one of the 3 radio buttons where the fields are suppose to be hidden, and then they add more subforms by clicking the add button, the fields do appear hidden. However, if the user then changes their mind and wants to choose the radio button where the fields should appear, the fields still remain hidden, but i would like them to appear.


      I know this sounds really confusing. any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated.