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    Microphone is detected but can't record


      Dear forum members,


      I have the following problem:


      in premiere pro cs 5.5 I'm trying to record a voice over. I'm using a pc with windows 7 64 bit.

      The microphone is detected, I see an amplitude, I press the record button

      but when I press play it only plays, the record button becomes disabled and it just does not record anything.


      First I tried it with an external sound card via usb and thought that would be the issue (because I red adobe programs are not compatible with usb sound in many cases),

      but when I tried it with the line-in of the internal sound card in it's the same problem.



      I already set the sounddevices I want to use as standard in the windows configuration and also selected them in the premiere preferences.

      As said the microphones both are detected but I can not record.


      I could not find any description of this error in any forum.



      Best regards