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    Advice sought from serious users: should I take the plunge?

    janest Level 1

      Dear People,


      I create shows in Proshow Producer with animated JPEGs and PSDs (all shot with a Nikon D-90), some video clips, and audio, and I am beginning to think that I need a more sophisticated program. I have an account on Vimeo, and 7 of my shows are posted there.


      I am an old PS user (going back to v. 2.5), currently have the 5.5 Creative Suite, and mostly use it for viewing in Bridge and editing in PS, Premiere, and Audition. Proshow Producer is very user-friendly, but it has one serious flaw where I'm concerned: one cannot synch visuals to audio, which is the way I operate. I wonder if I'm not outgrowing it and if I shouldn't try to switch to After Effects to create my next show.


      I've begun learning AE in Lynda, and it does not seem all that formidable.  But experienced users would know better.


      Thank you for whatever,