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    Projectile lingo issues in Director


      I'm trying to get a projectile to move from character location, towards mouse location in a game.

      Me and a friend are working on it together, and he looked up some stuff on vectors and this is what he came up with:

      property mySprite

      property myPrevLoc

      global myVector



      on beginSprite me

        set mySprite to sprite(sprite(2))

        set myVector to point (0, 0) -- USING POINT FORMAT




      on prepareFrame me

        if the mousedown then

          set myVector to void

          set myPrevLoc to point (sprite(1).locH, sprite(1).locV)

          set the loc of mySprite to myPrevLoc

        else if voidP (myVector) then

          -- THROW BALL

          set spriteLoc to point (the mouseH, the mouseV)

          set the loc of mySprite to spriteLoc

          set myVector to (spriteLoc - myPrevLoc)/20



          -- MOVE BALL

          set spriteLoch to the loch of myPrevLoc + myVector

          set spriteLocv to the locv of myPrevLoc + myVector

          set the loc of sprite mySprite to spriteLoc

        end if



      it works to a degree. But there's a few problems. The projectile appears at character location for a second, and then spawn from mouse loc, though it travels in the correct location. Also, the further the mouse is from the character, the faster the projectile moves.


      As a second request (if you have the time!) I want the projectile to stop moving if it collides with certain objects (like a wall or what have you).  Any idea on how I could get this to work?