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    Correct Scope for sessions

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      I have to pass a value using a session, I want to create a session based on the UID of the item in question, and there will be several of them, so I might have UID:23, UID:40, UID: 200 for example. Then on the following page I can relate that value back using UID.


      The question is, what is the correct format for this? Could anybody post an example of


      a) How I set the session name, let's say that the UID is stored in a query variable #GETCAMP.CAMP_UID#


      b) How would I then read it back (The value of getcamp.camp_uid) is also passed through


      I know this is not right but I think I might be close with -->



      <CFSET session.[getcamp.camp_uid] = "#getcamp.camp_uid#">