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    Package AIR applications

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          O Red

          there is a bug with the "Export>Release Build" wizard. the "Package Contents" does not contain any of the assets.

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            Mallika Yelandur Adobe Employee

            O Red,

            Before using the Export Release Build wizard, can you please ensure that your application has no compilation errors and runs as expected?



            Mallika Yelandur


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              O Red Level 1

              yes, project runs as expected without errors.


              the workaround i was able to find yesterday was at after navigating to the "Package Contents" tab, i noticed a "bin-release-temp" directory was created in my project directory with the .swf and app.xml files inside.  I then manually copied the rest of the mission-critical assets into this new temp directory, navigated away from and back to the "Package Contents" tab twice and voila, the manually copied assets magically became visible and available to be packaged.

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                iBr3nt Level 3



                Where are the assets in relation to the src folder? Anything in the src folder aside from code files should be packaged into the final app. If it's outside that folder, then you have to do your workaround.



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                  Thanks iBrent, had assets (icons) in bin-release folder & weren't showing up, moved to src and worked fine

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                    Hi, I am having a similar problem, I am trying to add some custom asset (config file) to my flex mobile (android/ios) project, and it doesn't show up in the final apk under /assets... can you pls describe how to place it in the src folder so it's properly packaged? I tried creating src/assets package and placed the config file in there, but it didn't help and the file was not in the apk.



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                      There are several references on this page to the "Flex Build Packaging" page in the Project Properties dialog. These are all wrong: there is no longer a page with that name, it's now called "Actionscript Build Packaging". Thanks Adobe for playing musical chairs with the names of all the different parts of your technology ecosystem...


                      More importantly THERE ARE ERROR MESSAGES in Flash Builder that instruct you to refer to this page, and it took  me hours to realize what page they were actually referring to! Please update this Adobe.