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    Eyedropper Current Layer sampling problem.

    brkofdon Level 1

      Using the "current layer" sampling setting for the eye dropper before I apply any top layer adjustments (adding a top layer with a different blending more or adding an adjustment layer) it works fine. When I use any adjustment layers or any layer that has a blending mode, it affects the way the eyedropper picks color especially when set to current layer.


      For instance, If I paint a new blank layer with random colors, I create a black and white adjustment layer on top of that one, I select the first color layer I go to pick a color using the eye dropper with the current layer sampling set, it picks a grey color (which is wrong). BUT!! if I open up the color picker with the color layer selected it picks the correct color. Now, if I delete the black and white adjustment layer, and I am back to only having the color layer, I then go to pick a color with current layer sampling still set, it chooses a grey color again?!?! There are no more layers on top of the original color layer I painted first, and yet it chooses a grey color?!?! I hope this makes sense, any ideas on why this is happening?


      I am working on Photoshop CS5 12.1 64bit