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    Troubleshooting my new build

    StarMarc Level 1

      Hello all, I just built a system with: i7 3930k, Cruicial m4 128 ssd, Gtx 570, asus p9x79 pro, gskill 1866 32gb and areca 1223 raid 3.


      I've also installed the latest drivers for each from their respective websites.  However, i'm getting sporadic display driver not responded then recovered messages where the screen goes black and comes back to life.  In addition, I'm getting random freezes where the computer screen goes to black and can only be revived through pressing the power button.


      Any suggestions on how to stabilize my system?  I saw a thread about not havin the correct voltage ram, would this be the case?  I actually chose the above ram based on the videoguys recommended system.


      Thanks in advance for any help!


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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          system with...



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            Stu S Level 1

            Thanks for posting this, I'm considering building a version of the Videoguys system.  FWIW, Shawn Lam swapped out his g.skill ram, maybe you're having the same problem he had.  Appreciate you posting as you get this worked out!



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              Jared Andrews

              Hi Marc - you're not the only one!  I've got 2 friends who forged ahead with fairly much the same system from Videoguys DIY9 and are having the same stability issues.  I've been waiting for them to actually test what they have been recommending for several months but they still haven't even built a DIY9 system themselves.  Why are they recommending these components when they haven't even been tested together???  Shame as I really enjoyed their advice and updates.


              I've been in touch with another person who has the same specs as yours but a Quadro 4000 card.  No problems at all with the GSkill Ram.  (He has tweaked things quite a lot however but I don't know what).  However I've noticed many people on this board are quite anti Quadro so I don't know who/what to believe anymore.    Keep us updated.

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                StarMarc Level 1

                Thanks Stu for that.. i may try buying new ram to see if that doesnt solve my problem. unfortunately im not as evolved technically as some on these forums so im going to trial and error this thing and hopefully not lose any reciepts!

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                  StarMarc Level 1

                  No kidding Jared, if its accurate that their DIY 9 build is flawed its pretty careless for them to post it considering many people see them as sources.  I myself never really relied on their site for advice, however needed to in this case as I had to quickly put together a system without much time to research.


                  then again, its pretty careless for people like myself to rely on system specs that havent been tested.


                  i'll keep you posted, if switching out my ram for lower voltage ram works

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                    Alan Craven Level 4

                    The random freezing can usually be cured by updating to the latest BIOS.  For both Asus and Gigabyte boards BIOS releases before those in early March had this problem.  F9 for Gigabyte boards largely cured this, but F10 is better.  Asus has similar BIOS releases.  The second Gigabyte release specifically listed memory compatibility issues.  I know of an Asus user who solved this issue by updating BIOS.


                    My 3930K system using a Gigabyte GA-X79-UD5 motherboard (I have had too much trouble with Asus in the past) is perfectly stable with 1.5V RAM, specifically 8x4 GB CORSAIR XMS3 PC3-12800 running at stock speeds. 


                    I have never experienced the display driver problem, though I did with my previous system.


                    So it is possible to build a 3930K system which is OK.

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                      Jared Andrews Level 1

                      Good point - try that Marc.  I checked the ASUS website and there was a new BIOS released for your board a couple of weeks ago:


                      P9X79 PRO BIOS 1010 (2012.04.06  update)

                      1. Improve system stability.
                      2. Improve memory compatibility.

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                        Alan Craven Level 4

                        Jared Andrews wrote:


                        Good point - try that Marc.  I checked the ASUS website and there was a new BIOS released for your board a couple of weeks ago:


                        P9X79 PRO BIOS 1010 (2012.04.06  update)

                        1. Improve system stability.
                        2. Improve memory compatibility.


                        Interesting, almost identical to the Gigabyte F10 BIOS release note - maybe they are using the same BIOS provider?  The two seem to have parallel BIOS releases.


                        Hope this works out for you.

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                          StarMarc Level 1

                          Well luckily Microcenter carried the 1.35v Samsung DDR3 Ram, I bought 32Gb then replaced my Gskills... sure enough 2 sticks werent working.. but I still had 24Gb alive so...  I messed around on the computer for 20 minutes and during that time I didn't experience any display driver not responding problems or freezing...    I thought the solution worked. 


                          So i wanted to check the windows experience index, but it wouldn't load because of windows explorer failing.  and because im such a genius, I decided to reinstall windows again (as my solution).  And not surprisingly, after I flashed the bios with the new update, my computer starts.. but all i get is a blank screen!  (my ghetto-tech diagnosis tells me i killed the mobo?)


                          I dont have time to research and fix this problem, so I think i'm going to go ahead and buy a new motherboard.  I may go with Alan's Gigabyte board since he's had no issues.  Anybody else recommend a good reliable board?  Here are my components:


                          i73930k w/ noctua nh-d14 (btw, anybody who reads this later and thinking of purchasing it, mine didn't come with an lga2011 mounting kit, you have to buy that separate)

                          crucial m4 128

                          gtx 570, gtx 680 (which im gonna return and hopefully theyll accept it back)

                          32Gb Gskill 1866 1.5v (which im gonna attempt to return)

                          32GB samsung 1600 1.35

                          Areca 1223


                          and i thought a root canal was a pain in the axe

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                            JEShort01 Level 4



                            Motherboards have a way of redoing the boot order; possibly all you need to do is point the bios "boot order" to put your Areca first in the list (assuming your boot drive is on it).



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                              Alan Craven Level 4

                              It is more than likely that the last stage of the BIOS update was to load optimum defaults.  This takes no notice of any changes you have made to BIOS settings, so as Jim suggests, your system is set to boot from whatever is connected to SATA port 0 on the motherboard.


                              You need to re-boot, enter the BIOS, and repeat all the settings you changed; in particular, make sure that whatever drive has your Windows installation is set to be first for boot.  In practice, I generally run with my optical drive set as primary boot, and my system drive as secondary boot.


                              I always keep a paper record of my BIOS settings.  If they are few in number a written list is easy.

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                                StarMarc Level 1

                                Thanks, yah eventually the BIOS came around after I reseated the gtx 570.


                                An update:  I went back and forth with EVGA customer service and after a couple of hours of their suggestions, my system seems stable... it hasn't froze.. yet... i got a couple of display driver not responding then recovering...


                                Here are some of the things I did that got me sort of stable (for now): 

                                - replaced my gskill 1866 1.5v RAM with the Samsung 1.35v ddr3 1600

                                - as suggested by EVGA tech support (who by the way answered daily):  Reseat my gtx 570 in a difference Pci-e slot.  check to see if the +12V was between 11.4-12.6 and stable (no fluctuations greater than .05), run a stress test with OC Scanner..


                                after those things didnt work... EVGA sent me the following, which I did, and has gotten me to my current state:


                                This can be caused by a faulty/corrupted driver or possible hardware issue. I would recommend doing a reload of the driver by using driver sweeper. This can be found by going to: http://phyxion.net/Driver-Sweeper/Driver-Sweeper/Version-3-2-0/.


                                1)  Run through the normal uninstall process through Programs and Features.


                                2)  Reboot and go into Safemode.  This is done by pressing F8 prior to the windows splash screen.


                                3)  Once in Safemode, goto My Computer, under C drive, there is in NVidia folder, delete it.  Then empty the recycle bin.


                                4)  Run driver sweeper.  Select Analyze and Clean, click NVidia Display and NVidia PhysX, if this system ever had a ATI/AMD card i it also select AMD Display.  In the lower right corner, click "Clean".


                                5)  Once done, click on Analyze and Clean again in the left menu, select the same check boxes as before, then at the bottom middle, click Analyze.  If files show up, you can either delete them manually or run the clean again.


                                6)  Boot reboot back into normal mode and run the installer, going through Custom and Perform Clean Install like you did originally.  When done reboot and retest.


                                Hope this info helps anyone in a similar situation

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                                  RjL190365 Level 4

                                  One more addition to that procedure:


                                  The "clean install" procedure will corrupt any sound card or onboard sound drivers which may have been installed! This will make the NVIDIA HDMI out the only audio device installed. Therefore, you must reinstall any onboard audio or sound card drivers after this procedure.

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                                    StarMarc Level 1

                                    just a final update, its been a couple days now and ive been workin the new build like crazy and its actually been stable.. occasional hiccups.. but for the most part its okay... so the fixes ive tried above worked in relation to the build i have