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    Buttons & Table of Contents


      Each page of my document has a button that when clicked, returns the user to the Table of Contents page. Well every time I refresh my TOC, the button re-directs change and no longer take me back to the TOC. So I have to go through and update every button, every time I refresh my TOC. How can I get the buttons to always take me back to the TOC regardless of refreshing the TOC? Please note that the TOC placement in the doc never changes (always page 2).

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What does “refresh the TOC” mean? If you have a TOC page any button that you want to navigate there with should use the go to url action and the navto:// command.





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            gardenia99 Level 1

            I update my doc every two weeks and when I update it, I add in new sections and take out others. In my editing process, I never change the path of the buttons on each page and all of the buttons should return me to the TOC. So then after I'm done editing, I go back to my original TOC that I've created, and hit Update Table of Contents (under the layout menu). When I do this, my TOC refreshes with the correct information that takes into account my edits. So that part's all good, but then when I go through and check my buttons, they no longer redirect me to the TOC even though I never touched them in my editing process and when I created them, I had them take me back to the TOC.

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              lilia@ Level 2

              I'm guessing it depends on how you set up the button... if you have it pointing to page 2 then it should remain thus.

              What is the action for the buttons?

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                gardenia99 Level 1

                I think I figured it out. I had to select the action for the button from a drop down list, and everything on the list was part of my table of contents, so the list was populating by paragraph type I think. Additionally I had created some bookmarks and these were also showing up in the drop down menu. Well when I selected the action "section listing," section listing wasn't associated with a page but with a paragraph type. Then when I selected the action "go to section listing" this was correct, because it was a bookmark; however it also wasn't working because it was bookmarking page 3 instead of page 2. So when I switched the bookmark to the right page, and selected the button action "go to section listing," it fixed itself. Thank you both for helping me with this!