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    Correction video


      It is possible to make a manual correction to à section of the vidéo (by exemple; to erease a shoulder strap) ?? With adobe première élément 10

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          Yes, but it can be a tedious process. It is called Rotoscoping, and often involves an image-editing program, like Photoshop, and is done one Frame at a time. Also, Adobe After Effects can do this too.


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            Soleil3516 Level 1

            Thanks you!


            if I want to do a correction on a 30secondes vidéo, How do I do That??? If I understand, I CAN't do That by première élément 10. I Must separated each image of the vidéo AND then do photoshop on each one??? Is That exact? AND How do i separate each image?


            Sorry for my english, I hope you understand me.



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              Much depends on exactly what you have, and what you need to do.


              For instance, if one has an offending clothing part, that is small, and they also have enough "skin" available, they could Duplicate the Clip, then offset that "skin" to cover the problem, and use either one of the Garbage Mattes, or a Track Matte, if a soft-edge is required.


              Otherwise, one would need to Export/Share to a format, that Photoshop can handle. Once, the FilmStrip option was the choice, but that has been discontinued. Now, with Photoshop-Extended, there are other options. When one Opens that Exported/Shared file in Photoshop-Extended, one gets all Frames. The work will be done at the Frame Level, and then Exported for use in PrE. Another format, that should work, though I have not used it, would be to MOV, with the PNG CODEC.


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