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    Physical box shipping option (to Canada)

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      Hi; I was hoping some fellow Canadian (or an Adobe employee who may know the answer to my question) who has ordered from Adobe's online store and chosen to have the physical product shipped to them might be able to help me out.  I'm soon going to be upgrading (finally) CS3 Master Collection, and I want to have the new product's box shipped to me rather than just buy the download.  I've had negative experience with couriers like UPS and FedEx in the past for shipments from the US to Canada (what Canadian hasn't, I wonder?) with their extortionate brokerage fees which go so far beyond the actual taxes due on an item (if any are due at all), so I'm curious about people's experiences with FedEx delivering Adobe products in Canada.


      I've gone through the Shipping & Delivery FAQ, and noted that Adobe collects and remits all Canadian taxes themselves, which I suppose means they must be registered with the Canadian government in some way.  But in another section of that same FAQ, there's a disclaimer stating:


      "Adobe cannot determine the customs, brokerage, or other fees that you can incur when the product enters your country. Therefore, the carrier collects these fees when they deliver your order."


      And since their boxed products still ship from the US, regardless of their collecting Canadian taxes, I'm understandably wary.  However, the FAQ applies not only to Canada, but all countries Adobe ships to, so it's entirely possible that disclaimer has nothing to do with Canada and refers instead to shipments to countries for which Adobe isn't authorized to collect and remit taxes.  If all the taxes are paid to Adobe when I order (and I've added something to my cart and verified that all my Ontario-based taxes are applied), then theoretically the shipment shouldn't be subject to customs fees at all; but I wouldn't put tacking on some extra fees past the couriers I've dealt with in the past (UPS more than most, but they've made me suspicious of everything except the reliable USPS/Canada Post combination).


      So, what have been people's experiences with this?