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    Colored lines during crossfades

    Larry the O



      Pity the poor vidiot sound guy trying to learn Premiere Pro (and, by the way, video editing) on the fly during production.


      I have been making a set of short (4-6 min) instructional videos to accompany an upcoming book. The videos consist almost entirely of very simple titles and screen capture movies made with iShowU. Naturally, I often crossfade between those two things.


      Around the fifth video I made, I started having a problem where, on many crossfades between a title and a screencap movie (going either way),  colored lines would appear on the left and right borders of the screencap image (only).They are no longer visible after the crossfade, so it would seem to be something about crossfading that causes it. The lines are often green, sometimes red or fuschia, or...I dunno...I SAID I was an audio guy! This happens on previews and in the finished product. I have tried reconstructing some of these transitions, but it didn't help.


      I changed nothing **that I know of** between the last movie I put together that did not have these lines and the first one that did. It is a clear and present possibility that I DID change something, but am too inexperienced with the software to realize what I'd done, or maybe that I'd even done it.


      content format;


      The source material is H264, 1022x61 in a .mov file. Frame rate is 24 fps (well, 23.64, let's be accurate). Most of them have no audio.

      Output format is NTSC 1280x720, 29.97 fps. Audio is Progressive AAC, 192 kbps, 48 kHz stereo




      Premiere Pro 5.0.4

      Mac Pro quad 3 GHz Intel w/8 GB RAM

      OS 10.6.8


      Any suggestions would be appreciated. Let me know if I have not supplied enough info.


      Thanks, all!


      Larry the O