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    Viewing File Attachments in a Portfolio



      Asus Transformer TF101 running 4.0.3

      Workstation: Adobe Acrobat Pro 9

      Tablet: Adobe Reader X (v10.2.0 J)


      So I made a portfolio on my workstation with two pdf files.

      In one of the portfolio files I added a file attachment by Opening File>Comment>Attach File.

      Saved file and saved portfolio.

      Open in Reader X on my workstation - no problems - selecting paperclip opens attached file.

      However, when I save to my tablet and open portfolio and file I see the paperclip icon but attachment doesn't open on click.


      Any idea why? Do I need make portfolio in Adobe Acrobat Pro X rather than 9 to make this work.

      Recent announcement for Reader X says this should work - in fact has been out since 10.1.1: "Enhancements to Portfolios list and File Attachments on iOS: You can now view non-PDF children in PDF portfolios, and PDF File attachments on the iOS Reader. These capabilities already exist on Android since Reader 10.1.1"


      Any help is appreciated - Thanks,