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    keyword search not getting results


      Hi, I have a web app, and i learned that the keyword field searches the web app item name, and description, in the description we've added lots of content with related terms to tryto help search.



      For example, I have a web app named " hotels and motels" and the description field has some content with various combinations of those words,


      if i search "hotel", its a result, if i search "motel" its a hit, but if search "hotels motels" it doesn't come back as a result,


      if i search "hotels and motels" does it returns a result. should the hotels and motels make it a result, why does the word and,stop it from being a result, not much will be found unless i stop people from searching with more than one word?

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          mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

          Hi Rich,


          The multiple word search isn't really the best as you have found. I think it has room for improvement and that's one of the things that needs to be improved. Unfortuantely, there's currently no workaround for that.



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            RichKeller.com Level 1

            It could be better, but the more i think about it, with web apps usuallly being quite niche in their seachability, I don;t know if i want more of a broad search now.

            I realize now that i wouldn't want such a broad search like google that can pair any two words out of a 300 page site and call it a match, google routinely responds with at least half a million results, no matter what you type in... so with that in mind, almost any query to a web app would pull most if not all webapp items into the results every time, which would be pointless forthe user and I can't imagine good for response times when clicking search


            The only thing i would change on web app search is maybe ignore stop words, like "and" "it" etc, so only the main keywords are being matched