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        I used fireworks and dreamweaver tools for http://www.ttgint.com website which helped me a lot. Html5 and css2 is used.

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Looks like XHTML to me and your doc type should be on the first line of code; not the second. 

          This is causing your page to run in Quirks mode which confuses browsers and may lead to performance & rendering problems.


          Finally, validate your HTML & CSS code as you have some errors that need fixing.


          http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator?profile=css21&warning=0&uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww. ttgint.com%2F


          Overall, a good effort.



          Nancy O.

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            dweb3d.com Level 1

            Hi, most important is to understand the essence of what it means web design at different levels, eg usability, customizable design and quality standards, would be great to have the Adobe tools available, and it would take maybe a video, as the video on the web is a very direct way to reach users, another very important level is the publicity will be given to the page in social media and search engine optimization, and may be useful as a program illustrator, since items such as infographics are important when it comes to displaying information, may be more direct to users and especially easy to understand. As for programs, for layout dreamweaver is an incredible tool, but you have to understand first is the html language, and understand that you have different types and versions, for example html5 and xhtml1 are programming languages that should be understood in somehow, to make developments that meet standards of quality, in terms of web design adaptable, today all sites should be designed so that mobile devices can interpret, note that the flash is not read mobile devices however you can get to make great animation with it, making it essential to consider an alternative site for our mobile phones as an alternative to action script language that is the language in which we can program from flash, javascript is the language and its varieties Jquery is very useful today, especially if you design a site "on the scratch"


            Jorge Forero

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                dhosford Employee Moderator

                Hi there,


                  I just wanted to circle back on this thread and let you know that if you are still interested in utilizing HTML5 for interactive content and animation, Adobe will be releasing a new product in the near future called Adobe Edge Animate. Edge Animate is an HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript authoring program that allows you to create HTML5 animations without having to know code. It is in Preview right now, so it's free to try out until 1.0 is released. You can download it here:




                  As other users have mentioned, Web is much different from Print Design, and needs to be flexible as it is viewed in all different ways. As a designer, I like to reference different web design blogs for inspiration, and I personally feel that this helps train your eye for designing for web. A great blog is Web Design Ledger (http://webdesignledger.com/category/inspiration). Also, the programs I utilize to develop and design for Web are Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Edge Animate Preview 7. I used to use Fireworks a lot but found that I preferred the interface of Photoshop more as it is a program I use more often. Also, Illustrator is great to have for creating SVG images, which are becoming increasingly popular with the presence of Retina display on iPhones, iPads, and now the newest Macbook.


                I hope this helps! You have a lot of great advice here already! I just thought I would throw in my two cents. ; )



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                  John.P.Ramos Level 1



                  The correct link is http://edge.adobe.com/ (without the www.)


                  It looks great.  I'm interested.

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                    dhosford Employee Moderator

                    My apologies. I have the "http://www." ingrained into my system I must have accidentally typed it! ; )


                    But yes, you're correct that's the right link^

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                      dweb3d.com Level 1

                      Nice tool for try, good!

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                        spudsmurphy13 Level 1

                        Good pitch. so go sell the job and show me the money. you are so right online markiting :but you always need  the sale!

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                          I saw this thread when I was looking for finding the most ideal program or edotpr to use in Web Design. I have been going to school and I have learned all the basics of Web Design but have had trouble creating profesional looking sites. A fellow student turned me on to Adobe Muse. I have found the program very easy to use and can say my site looks a thosand times better since I started using it. Problem is that Muse does all the coding for you, which might be a detriment to me at this point. Should I be continuing to the hard coding myself until I can create a site that looks professional or are programs like Muse becoming more popular. I want to one day find a job as a web designer and want to do as much as I can to be appealing to a company or a potaential client.

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                            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            MU is OK for hobby sites and non-coders who just want to get the best results they can without looking at code.  As such, you're limited in what you can do.  For example, you couldn't use MU to build a CMS, blog or e-commerce site because it can't support server-side programming and databases.


                            If you want a career in web development, you need to be working with pro-level software like Dreamweaver and learning everything you can about server-side technologies and SQL databases.  That's where the money is because most businesses these days have database driven web sites.



                            Nancy O.