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    Help please: Action for arbitrary image rotation: 300 different files, each at a different angle

    Toasted Spider Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I have some 300 images, all handheld shots done in an on-location studio set. They all need varying amounts of image rotation since they're handheld. There's a beaded curtain in the background, so manually I use the ruler tool, draw a line along a strand of beads, and then image/rotate/arbitrary.


      I need to create an action that will (1) do the arbitrary rotation and then (2) save and close the file.


      However, when I record this, the value of the rotation of the sample file I'm working is what gets recorded (not surprising). In other words, if image A needs 0.28 degrees of rotation, that's not what I want for image B which might need -0.15 degrees instead.  The action recorded 0.28.


      Is there a way to create an action that will simply rotate according to the ruler once I've drawn it?