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    Navigate and draw


      Does anyone know if whilst in freehand drawing mode it's possible to navigate and move around the document? Would make my life so much easier to add notes to docs =/

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          Pat Wibbeler techies

          This is a good suggestion, but there is no way to navigate while drawing. We elected to do this because we thought it would be confusing to users because they are using the same gesture for drawing that we currently use for panning. It might be possible for us to add a "navigation toggle" that toggles between navigation and drawing while using the freehand tool, but we thought this would be confusing too.


          We do appreciate the feedback and will take it into consideration as we enhance this and other features in the future.


          Thank you!



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            cuteboyfruitcake Community Member

            Ah no worries, although one finger on for drawing and two fingers on for

            panning is quite intuitive and straightforward. Works in a few other apps

            very well.