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    audio help with .AVI files- problem with export




      I am desperate for help with this as have been trying to ages to exporta relatively simple video. I have a .AVI video (with an audio soundtrack which plays fine in the windows media player) which I imported successfully into Adobe premiere 9, edited (just cut off the first and last sections of the short 2 minute video) and added a title black slide with some text. Simple. This edited video plays fine in elements (or at least it did until I started playing around trying to export it at which point the sound has completelty disappeared!!!! Cahnging the volume etc makes no difference) but no matter what format I try and export this in it seems to come out with either no sound at all, or a disjointed soundtrack that doesn't follow the video. Help!


      Please can someone advise on this- I bought Adobe Premier Elements specifically to edit this video and need this done urgently but have done nothing but struggle with this piece of software


      All I want is to edit the orginal video and export it in a format that I can email/share with colleagues as a file type they can view on e.g. windows media player.