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    Preview error


      Hi, i created a .folio document with Mac, ID CS5.5.

      When i reopen idd document to modify, and want to see the preview i get this error message (i report in Italian):


      Verifica risorse condivise

      Errore di generazione contenuto.

      Impossibile aprire il file. Verificate che il file possa essere aperto nella versione corrente di InDesign.


      Trying to translate:

      Verifying shared resources

      Error generating content.

      Impossible to open file. Verify the file should be opened in the correct InDesign version.


      If I quit and reopen ID nothing appens, the situation remain the same.

      If I restart  MAC and ID i can see the preview but only for few changes, then I have the same problem again.


      Anyone has some solution or suggest?


      Thanks in advance.




      p.s. I'm sorry for my not perfect english....

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          tim.hughes Level 2

          Sometimes it depends where you're previewing the document from,


          I find that if you're trying from the folio producer it doesn't work sometimes


          but if you make sure you have nothing on the page selected and click preview in the overlay creator then it works for me!


          try that and let me know !!



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            Pietro_Contento Level 1

            Hi Tim,

            I just reopened my document in ID and I have added an image sequence.

            Nothing to do, with none selected in both saved ducuments (landscape and portrait) i can't see preview selecting it from both panel (folio builder and overlay creator).


            When i select preview from overlay creator panel the message i get is:

            "Impossibile accedere alla directory di output. La directory non è scrivibile e non è quindi possibile salvare il folio."

            In English

            "Unable to access the output directory. The directory is not writable and is therefore not possible to save the folio."


            Really i don't know what to do !!!



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              tim.hughes Level 2

              Hi Pietro


              I'm really sorry, I've never heard/seen that! it sounds like there's an error with your tools - can you open the extension manager, uninstall them then reinstall them?

              I know it's a long winded process but it might just give it a kick start!



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                Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                Using the Extension Manager to uninstall plugins should only be done in rare cases. Doing so frequently results in an incompatible plugin error message that requires a preference file to be removed. Instead, use the uninstaller.

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                  Pietro_Contento Level 1

                  I've removed folio producer tool and ID from MAC.

                  Then I reinstalled ID and this version of folio prodecer tools, FolioProducerTools-CS55-1-9-1.dmg, like requested from folio panel.

                  Now in the Folio Builder panel I've again the request to download the Folio producer tools update (see the image below).




                  Immagine 1.png

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                    Pietro_Contento Level 1

                    Just installed FolioPanel-CS55-12_1_3.dmg, now the Folio Builder panel seems work good, even after I modified an existing document.

                    I hope I solved the the problem.

                    If I'll have other problems I'll reply to this thread or i'll open a new one.

                    Thanks for your help.