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    Plug-In compatibility problem

    jimclark1947 Level 1

      I'm running CS5.1 on a Windows 7, 64 bit machine.  I've been using plug-in's from Neat Image and OnOne for a long time with no issues.  Now I've installed Topaz Adjust plug-in and I'm having a problem.  Randomly, when I launch Photoshop and look in Filters I will find EITHER my old plug-in's or the new Topaz plug-in.  But never all three at the same time.  And it is always random as to which will load at launch.


      Any thoughts on this problem? 

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Is it possible sometimes you're running the 64 bit Photoshop and sometimes you're running the 32 bit Photoshop?  Both are installed on a 64 bit Windows system.


          32 bit plug-ins only show up in 32 bit Photoshop and 64 bit plug-ins only show up in 64 bit Photoshop.


          Choose Help - About Photoshop to check.


          How are you starting Photoshop?



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            jimclark1947 Level 1

            Well, that's an interesting point.  I'm pretty sure that I'm running the 64 bit version (at least I thought I was) and all of the plug-in's are supposed to be 64 bit as well.  Topaz comes with both 32 bit and 64 bit so I insured the 64 bit was installed in the Photoshop plug-in folder.  But it is entirely possible that I have managed to get it into the wrong folder set, so I'll have to go back and look at that again tonight.


            I start Photoshop several different ways.  From Bridge I will right click on an image and select to open with Photoshop.  If it's a RAW image then Camera Raw will open first, from there to Photoshop.  Also from Bridge I will often want to work on bracketed images as layers so I'll highlight a set of images and from the tools menu select to open in Photoshop layers.  Then of course there is the desktop shorcut.  Until now it never occurred to me that those actions might be opening different versions of Photoshop.


            Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll get into that tonight.