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        TradeWind Level 3

        I saw this a couple of days ago. Actually signed up for the event online. Funny thing is, the ICS appointment that Adobe sends you after signing up literally says "Come see how Adobe is reinventing the creative process with the release of Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6."


        Notice the word "release" being used by the official announcment. So either they used the wrong word or Monday is the software release day.


        It wouldn't be too hard to believe that they just put the wrong word of course....with so many possible words like "launch" or "release" or "announcement" and so on, it can get tiring to try to remember which one to use and when (even they all mean different things, of course).


        So there you go. Adobe's communication says "release" on Monday at 10am PT. Guess we'll see what happens then.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          "Adobe is not allowed by law to add features to one-time purchased software"


          That's a rather odd statement.  I'm curious what law would prevent such a thing.  I see companies add features to one time purchased products all the time.  In fact, Panasonic is about to do just that with some camera models.  New buyers will get the feature built-in.  Folks who already have the camera will need to run a firmware update.  Happens on Blu-ray and other electronic devices too.  My Sony player didn't come with Hulu support, that was added a few months after I bought it.  Also happens with Windows and other software.  (For example, Windows 8 will start out with the current NTFS file system, and will later be upgraded to the new ReFS file system.)  I can't imagine what kind of law would prevent Adobe from adding features to purchased software.  In fact, Adobe has done it in the past.  If I recall, P2 support was added after the fact as a free update.  It didn't come with the original version.

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            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I didn't see a link to sign up; just to add the appointment.


            I want to ask for a front row seat....

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              TradeWind Level 3

              Not true. Panasonic is charging ($250 or $300 depending on the model) for some of the upgrades, and some are free. Using the AG-AC160 as an example, the free upgrade will "add" 1080p60 shooting to the camera, but the feature is actually already there and available for use in the VFR functions of the camera...you just can't record audio simultaneously (the VFR mode doesn't record audio since it's a mode used for slow- or fast-motion cutting). So that is a free upgrade that doesn't add a feature, but rather just connects two features that are already on the camera.


              There is a charge, however, to upgrade the AG-AC160 and add "fast focus" and "expanded focus" features because those are NOT already on the camera. Not anywhere. Of course, the Panasonic situation is difficult to compare because it's hardware and that means that some upgrades are not just as simple as replacing the firmware (in the case of the AG-HPX250, a new modified board is being installed even though it's a very very VERY slight modification).


              For your Blu-ray player, it included "smart" capabilities to allow 3rd party content providers the ability to stream content to you. THAT is the feature. Whether or not a new 3rd party provider appears on the menu listing is irrelevant, because by definition it is not a FEATURE but rather an OPTION.


              You mention Windows 8 but of course they are also already discussing "software as a service" options, which may or may not have some effect on what upgrades will be available to which customers (much like Creative Cloud subscriptions versus perpetual licenses).


              The P2 addition and similar things are much like the Blu-ray player example where it's not about ADDING a feature but instead about adding an OPTION. The codec options for DVCProHD and such were there, just not the MXF and ingest methods. I'm referencing your comment very roughly though because I can't really even remember what version that was (CS2, CS3...?) but I do remember what you're talking about, and the same rules existed then and Adobe didn't break them by adding that in there.


              Now remember WAAAY back to Premiere Pro...the first one. They released Premiere Pro 1.5 as a PAID upgrade and effectively only because they added HDV, and HDV was a totally different thing than what they were supporting before (DV footage) and so you can see that example as one way in which a new feature came with a price tag.


              Nothing else to really add here...contact the FTC if you want to change the rules (or discuss their full impact in this instance). It's all about as clear to me as a pile of mud honestly, but Adobe has some nicely compensated folks on staff whose job it is to make sure that the FTC rule book is not violated. To break those rules is incredibly costly.

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                Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Jim Simon wrote:


                "Adobe is not allowed by law to add features to one-time purchased software"

                That's a rather odd statement.  I'm curious what law would prevent such a thing.

                I believe the law is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Other companies like Apple are also affected. Richard Harrington wrote about this in a blog post from January:


                The next thing I am going to say is a little complex, but the Sarbanes-Oxley Act prevent publicly traded companies from doing free software updates after a certain period of time. It’s a convoluted law that grew out of the Enron scandal that places limits on how companies can sell products and realize revenue if they are publicly traded. This is why Apple has to charge you 99¢ for FaceTime because you licensed the OS once, but can push out free updates for the iPhone because it has monthly services fees...

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Interesting observations, Conrad.


                  Sounds like the US Gov. is mixed up in things, that they might not understand, with "unintended consequences."


                  I will say no more.



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                    BVX3001 Level 1

                    Adobe's page for the webcast is titled  "Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6 Launch" which one would usually take to mean it will be available to purchase.  But their page with the $399 upgrades to CS 5.5 incl. CS 6 say the price is good until May 6, so I'd guess May 7th is more likely.  Maybe the cloud plan will be available a couple weeks earlier as an incentive to get people on board, plus the fact that no manufacturing/printing/shipping is needed?

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      it's not about ADDING a feature but instead about adding an OPTION.


                      Semantics.  Same thing in my book.  The subject under discussion (hardware or software) was able to do things it could not do before.  That's an added feature.

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                        Jim_Simon Level 8

                        .contact the FTC if you want to change the rules


                        Well that's my point.  Just what laws prevent a company from adding features?  That's an idea I've never heard of, and from past evidence (your semantics aside), it doesn't seem to hold true.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                          I believe the law is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.


                          Maybe, but I have two issues with that idea.  The first is that the prohibition you quoted (no free updates after a time period) isn't the same as not being able to add new features at all to sold products.  And second, Microsoft is a publicly traded company that offers free updates to it's software years after it's initially available.  In the case of XP, it'll be getting free updates for over a decade after it's release, and at last half a decade after it's successor (Vista) became available.


                          Sorry, I'm just not seeing it.

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                            Missteach Level 1

                            I noticed the Photoshop CS6 Beta originally had a message stating it would stop working at the beginning of June.  It got changed a couple of days later to say it would stop working when CS6 is fully released.  Make of that what you will!!!