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    Why is AE creating unwanted keyframes whenever i change a property?

    Paulie Peanut

      Hi all...


      Just hoping someone can maybe shed some light on this - every time i go to change a property of a layer, AE (CS5.5) creates a keyframe which i don't want, even though i haven't clicked the stopwatch button.  Any thoughts?  Is this happening to anyone else?


      Example: I have a comp containing a PNG sequence on a layer above some video footage.  I want to move the comp over to the right a ways, so i select the layer, and move it to the right.  Suddenly the stopwatch icon activates (without me clicking it) and a keyframe appears on the layer's timeline where the playhead is.  Very befuddling, and quite irritating - if i miss one, forget to delete the key and then later try to animate the layer, it messes up the animation and i have to go hunting for the rogue key.


      Anyways, hopefully someone out there has an idea of what's going wrong, and even more hopefully, how to fix it.  I have a horrible suspicion it's some setting that i've accidentally changed...


      Thanks all!