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    cuda supported graphic card






      I just installed a trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5.


      A popup window tells me to download a CUDA graphic driver for better rendering.


      In the list of supported graphic cards my card is not showing up.


      NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT


      In the details section of this card it shows me the following: CUDA-Cores 32


      Does this mean now that it supports CUDA or not - do I have to install another driver for that - I'm confused . . .



      Btw. the system requirements recommend RAID 0 for uncompressed video.


      So far I'm using different fast HD's but no RAID 0. In which scenario will I be suffering?




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          TradeWind Level 3

          Here's the list of supported GPUs: http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere/tech-specs.html


          The GeForce 9500 GT is not in the list of supported cards. Many cards that have CUDA are not supported by PPro CS5.5. It's not strictly CUDA that PPro is leveraging across the board...PPro requires a handful of specifications, of which CUDA is the most primary, but not the only one.


          Your card does satisfy most of the requirements of the software but only the cards that Adobe has actually tested and approved will be listed as supported cards. Only those cards are supported by default in the operation of PPro CS5.5.


          With all of that said, you can STILL try to have PPro utilize your GeForce 9500 GT GPU by utilizing the "hack" that many users have posted in the forum (I've never had to use it, nor do I know the link, but I think if you search the forum for "GPU hack" then you'll probably find it). The "hack" is NOT supported, and even if you successfully alter the necessary bits of code, it's not guaranteed that your GPU will work or that it will work well.


          Again, only the GPUs listed at the link above and stated by Adobe as "supported" are guaranteed to give you the results you want from Mercury Playback Engine.


          Regarding RAID 0 and uncompressed video.....are you using true uncompressed video? Many people never do, instead using formats like DV, HDV, AVCHD, DVCProHD, ProRes, etc. A RAID 0 is still possibly a good idea if you're running 5 simultaneous streams of video from the same drive, but that's really an entire topic altogether. If you're using UNCOMPRESSED video, then your hard drive setup and RAID are of chief importance for smooth playback. CPU becomes less important since there's nothing to "decompress." However, for formats like DV and AVCHD and similar, hard disk speed is relatively unimportant because the files are usually well below the throughput speeds of a standard drive (AVCHD averages around 17mbps to 25 mbps which is nothing). With those more compressed formats like AVCHD however, your CPU needs to be extremely beefy because it's doing all the work of decompressing the video for playback on the fly.


          Hope this helps!

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            ringen000 Level 1

            Thank you so much for your reply! I feel much clearer now !


            And you guessed right I will be using AVCHD mostly.


            From here http://www.studio1productions.com/Articles/PremiereCS5.htm

            I got this information:


            "DO NOT buy a video card with DDR2 memory.  The DDR2 memory can cause performance problems with the Mercury Playback Engine.  If you have a video card with DDR2 memory, replace it."

            My card (GeForce 9500 GT) has DDR 2 RAM but in the mentioned link DDR 5 is recommended.

            It says: "9500 GT    32    350 watt    DDR2 or DDR3    128 Bit    550 Mhz    1400 Mhz    Not Recommend"


            Actually I am, to be honest, not much more than a hobby-editor so I guess I'l come around with my system so far . . . :-)

            Still I am curious to get some hints on which parts I could improve the machine for video editing.

            Here are the specs: (in german!)



            Asus P6X58D-E

            ATX, Sockel 1366, Intel X58 / ICH10R Chipsatz, DDR3-1600


            Hersteller      Asus

            Modellbezeichnung      P6X58D-E

            CPU Sockel      1366

            unterstützte Prozessoren      Intel Core i7, Core i7 EE, Xeon (Nehalem)

            Mainboard Chipsatz      Intel X58 / ICH10R

            BIOS Hersteller      AMI

            Formfaktor      ATX

            QuickPath Interconnect QPI (MT/s)      6400

            ATX 12V Anschluss (8polig)      1

            ATX 2.0 Anschluss (24polig)      1

            Arbeitsspeichertyp      DDR3

            Arbeitsspeicher maximal (MB)      24576

            Speichertakt (MHz)      1600/1333/1066 (2000* *OC)

            Speichersteckplätze      6

            Triple Channel Unterstützung      vorhanden

            PCI (32-Bit) Steckplätze      2

            PCIe x1 Steckplätze      1

            PCIe x16 2.0 Steckplätze      3

            SLI / Crossfire Unterstützung      2/3 Way SLI/Quad CrossFireX

            SATA Controller      Intel ICH10R + Marvell® 9128

            SATA Anschlüsse      6x SATAII + 2x SATAIII

            SATA Protokolle      SATAI-III

            Unterstützte RAID Level      0,1,5,10

            USB Protokolle      USB 3.0/2.0/1.1

            USB Anschlüsse extern      4x USB 2.0 intern + 4x USB 2.0 extern + 2x USB 3.0 extern

            Soundchip      Realtek® ALC889

            Audiokanäle      8

            SPDIF Ausgang      1x optisch, 1x koaxial

            LAN Chipsatz      Marvell 88E8056®

            LAN-Ports      1

            LAN-Transferrate (MBit)      10/100/1000

            Anschlüsse für Lüfter      5

            PS/2 Schnittstelle (Tastatur)      1

            PS/2 Schnittstelle (Maus)      1

            IEEE1394a Firewire Schnittstelle      1


            ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------



            Intel Core i7 950 (3,06GHz)

            Sockel 1366, Box - inkl. Kühler



            Hersteller      Intel

            Prozessor Modell      Core i7


            Prozessor Typ - Taktfrequenz      950 (3,06GHz)

            CPU Modellnummer      BX80601950

            Sockel      1366

            Packungstyp      Box - inkl. Kühler

            Prozessorkern      Bloomfield

            Anzahl Kerne      4

            QuickPath Interconnect QPI (MT/s)      4800



            L1 Cache (kB)      4 x 64

            L2 Cache (kB)      1024

            L3 Cache (kB)      8192

            Energieverbrauch (Watt)      130

            Herstellungsprozess (nm)      45

            Kühler      Original Intel Box Kühler


            ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------



            6144MB DDR3 Kingston KVR1333D3N9K3/6G

            DDR3 - 1333 (PC3 - 10600)



            Hersteller      Kingston

            Herstellernummer      KVR1333D3N9K3/6G

            Technische Daten

            Kapazität (MB)      6144

            Kit bestehend aus      3 x 2048MB

            Speichertyp      DDR3

            Speicherstandard      DDR3 - 1333 (PC3 - 10600)

            Anschluss      DIMM 240-Pin


            CAS Latency (CL)      9

            RAS-to-CAS-Delay (tRCD)      9

            RAS-Precharge-Time (tRP)      9


            ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------



            1000GB Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX

            3,5", Serial-ATA/600 (6Gb/s), 64 MB Cache


            Hersteller      Western Digital

            Modellbezeichnung      Caviar Black WD1002FAEX

            Festplattenkapazität (GB)      1000

            Formfaktor (Zoll)      3,5

            Schnittstelle      Serial-ATA/600 (6Gb/s)

            Umdrehungen / Min.      7.200

            Geräuschentwicklung Betrieb (dB)      33

            Geräuschentwicklung StandBy (dB)      28

            Max. Transferrate (lesen) MB/s      keine Herstellerangaben verfügbar

            Max. Transferrate (schreiben) MB/s      keine Herstellerangaben verfügbar

            Zugriffszeit (ms)      4,2

            Cache (MB)      64

            Gewicht (g)      690

            Abmessungen (BxHxT) (mm)      101,6 x 25,4 x 147

            ARLT Garantie      Kein OEM. 5 Jahre Herstellergarantie. 3 Jahre ARLT Garantie davon 6 Monate Soforttausch bei Defekt


            wegen mehr Platz, größerem Cache, halber Zugriffszeit und SATA3-Schnittstelle, Transfer Rate (Buffer To Disk) 126 MB/s (Max) - sehr guter Wert !


            ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------



            LG GH22NS 22/22/48/32 DVD-Brenner, S-ATA


            Super Multi DVD-Brenner ? mit S-ATA Schnittstelle


            INTERNER 22x/22x Super Multi DVD-Brenner mit SecurDisk Unterstützung. Der perfekte Alleskönner für Ihren PC. Brennt nicht nur die gängigen Formate (DVD+R/+RW,-R/-RW) sondern auch DVD-RAM und ist außerdem durch die Double/Dual Layer Funktionalität für die Zukunft gerüstetHersteller      LG

            Modellbezeichnung      GH22NS40

            Farbe      schwarz

            Bauart      intern

            Schnittstelle      Serial-ATA

            Formfaktor (Zoll)      5,25

            Medienaufnahme      Schublade

            Puffer (Kb)      2048

            Zugriffszeit CD-ROM (ms)      120

            Zugriffszeit DVD-ROM (ms)      140

            Zugriffszeit DVD-RAM (ms)      175

            Lesen CD-ROM      48

            Lesen DVD-ROM      16

            Lesen DVD-RAM      5

            Schreiben CD-R      48

            Schreiben DVD-R      22

            Schreiben DVD+R      22

            Schreiben CD-RW      32

            Schreiben DVD-RW      6

            Schreiben DVD+RW      8

            Schreiben DVD-R DL      10

            Schreiben DVD+R DL      10

            Schreiben DVD-RAM      12

            Betriebs-LED      vorhanden


            ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------



            Gainward Geforce 9500GT

            1024MB, PCIe 2.0, DVI, VGA, HDMI



            Hersteller      Gainward

            Anschlussart      PCI-Express 2.0


            Maximaler Verbrauch bei Volllast (Watt)      75


            GPU Hersteller      NVIDIA

            GPU Bezeichnung      Geforce 9500GT

            GPU Takt (MHz)      550

            Kühlung      passiv

            DirectX Version      10

            Shader Model Version      4.0

            OpenGL Version      2.0

            HDCP Unterstützung      Ja

            NVIDIA CUDA-fähig      Ja


            Speicherkapazität (MB)      1024

            Speichertyp      DDR2

            Speichertakt (MHz)      800

            Speicheranbindung (Bit)      128

            RAMDAC (MHz)      400

            Dual-Link Unterstützung      ja

            unterstützte Auflösungen

            Max Auflösung (dpi)      2560x1600x32Bit 60 Hz (Dual Link)

            SLI / Crossfire Unterstützung      SLI


            DVI Schnittstelle      1

            VGA D-Sub Schnittstelle      1

            HDMI Schnittstelle      1

            Unterstützte Betriebssysteme      Windows XP, Windows Vista

            Zubehör      Treiber CD

            Packungstyp      Retail


            ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------



            550Watt, ARLT Netzteil, 12cm Lüfter, 20+4pin, schwarz


            Anschluß Mainboard

            ATX (20pin. + 4pin. Buchse)


            Anschlüsse Endgeräte

            8x 4 Pin Stromanschlüsse (HDD), 2x 4 Pin Stromanschlüsse (FDD), 2x SATA Stromanschlüsse, 1x 6 Pin Stromanschluss (VGA), 1x 4 Pin Stromanschluss (CPU)



            230V Netz






            1x 12x12cm silent





            Hersteller      Arlt

            Modellbezeichnung      LowNoise

            Watt      550


            ATX 12V Anschluss (4polig)      1

            ATX Anschluss (20polig)      1

            ATX 2.0 Anschluss (24polig)      1

            S-ATA Stromanschlüsse      2

            3,5" Anschlüsse      2

            5,25" Anschlüsse      8

            Eingangsspannung (V)      230


            Bauform      ATX

            Lüfter (mm)      120


            ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------


            CPU Kühler:

            Scythe Mugen 2 Rev. B, CPU Kühler für Sockel 1366/1156/775/478/754/939/AM2/AM2+/AM3/940


            Hersteller      Scythe

            Modellbezeichnung      Mugen 2 Rev. B

            Material Kühlkörper      Kupfer / Aluminium

            kompatible CPU Sockel      1366/1156/775/478/754/939/AM2/AM2+/AM3/940

            Freigegeben bis (MHz)      alle Taktraten

            Lüfterdrehzahl (U/Min)      1400

            Geräuschentwicklung Betrieb (dB)      26,5

            Abmessungen (BxHxT) (mm)      130 x 158 x 100

            Gewicht (g)      870

            Besonderheiten      bis zu 4 Lüfter verbaubar

            mitgeliefertes Zubehör      Backplates



            Luftdurchfluss (m³/h)      126

            Kühlung      aktiv


            ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------



            Apacer AE700, Kartenlesegerät 30-in-1

            intern, USB, Schwarz


            Hersteller      Apacer

            Modellbezeichnung      Embeded Card Reader AE700

            Kartenleser Typ      30-in-1

            Farbe (Gehäuse)      Schwarz

            Anschluss      USB

            Breite (mm)      101

            Höhe (mm)      25

            Tiefe (mm)      100

            lesbare Formate

            XD PictureCard      ja

            mini-/micro SD      ja

            SD Memorycard      ja

            MultimediaCard      ja

            Microdrive      ja

            MemoryStick      ja

            CompactFlash      ja


            ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------



            Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit System-Builder-Version


            Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit System-Builder-Version, EnglischHersteller      Microsoft

            Art der Software      Betriebssystem

            Datenträger      DVD

            Lizenz (Anzahl PC's)      1

            Softwareversion      OEM

            Produktaktivierung erforderlich      ja


            ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------


            2 x eSATA als PCIe:


            Delock Controller Karte 2x eSATA, 2xSATA, 1x IDE


            2x intern SATA oder 2x eSATA Spezifikation

            1x intern PATA IDE Spezifikation


            SATA II bis zu 3 Gbps

            PATA bis zu 133 Mbps

            PCI Express x1 Standard

            Unterstützt PCI Express 1.0a Spezifikation

            Unterstützt bis zu 2 HDD am SATA, sowie 2 HDD am IDE Controller

            Unterstützt Native Command Queue (NCQ)

            Raid 0, 1


            ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------



            2000GB Western Digital RE4-GP (WD2002FYPS)

            3,5", Serial-ATA/300 (3Gb/s), 64 MB Cache


            Hersteller      Western Digital

            Modellbezeichnung      RE4-GP (WD2002FYPS)

            Festplattenkapazität (GB)      2000

            Bauart      intern

            Formfaktor (Zoll)      3,5

            Schnittstelle      Serial-ATA/300 (3Gb/s)

            Umdrehungen / Min.      5.400 - 7.200 (dynamisch je nach Auslastung)

            Geräuschentwicklung Betrieb (dB)      29

            Geräuschentwicklung StandBy (dB)      25

            Max. Transferrate (lesen) MB/s      110

            Zugriffszeit (ms)      8,9

            Cache (MB)      64

            MTBF (h)      1.200.000

            Gewicht (g)      730

            Abmessungen (BxHxT) (mm)      101,6 x 26,1 x 147

            Besonderheiten      Energiesparende Green Power Festplatte



            Please have a look at my system and give me ideas how I could eventuially improve it.